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Ever wished you could get rid of workplace stress and tension by having an On-site seated massage right there in your own office or factory ?
Well, it's not only possible. It's probably happening in a workplace near you.

Paul Maunsell now provides an On-site stress relief service in a number of Hutt City/ Wellington workplaces, like Department of Conservation and Yellow Pages to name but a few.
Wearing everyday clothes, staff are treated on an ergonomically designed portable massage chair which offers full support as the practitioner works on the back, neck, arms, hands and head in a 15- 20 minute session.

He came across this therapy in England after a car accident left him in serious pain and unable to work. A friend recommended him to a McTimoney chiropractor and he was amazed at the lack of forcefulness but effectiveness of the treatment.
So well did he feel, that he wanted to do it himself and went on to train (for 4 years in Oxford) firstly in The McTimoney College and then with The Academy of On-site Massage. Paul now works with Dr William Crawford in 37 Pretoria Rd, Hutt City.
"It eases out workplace tension and stress to leave the person calm, energised and more alert. By unraveling tense aching muscles if used regularly it can prevent minor ailments becoming serious, particularly in the office where many hours are spent on PC's. IT IS AN IMMEDIATE STRESS BUSTER!" he proudly exclaims.

Mr Maunsell thinks he is one the first health professionals to introduce this particularly gentle back treatment into this country and knows other colleages will be joining him here soon. More information can be found on his web site at or Free phone 0800 McT CHIRON (0800628244) or 04 5653331.

Whether suffering from back pain, a pinched nerve, headaches, migraines, sciatica or asthma, people are searching for a quick fix. McTimoney treatment is an excellent alternative form of complete healing, freeing people for the need for continual treatment and dependence on therapy. It is a powerful but non-invasive treatment which realigns the whole of the body each session. This can take up to 45 minutes.

In the last 30 years in the UK this technique has appealed to people of all ages because it is gentle enough to be used on young and old and even the traumatically ill.
He is very enthusiastic about introducing McTimoney to New Zealand. Paul says, "I feel very much like my great great grandfather, Robert Maunsell, must have felt many years ago who was one of the first missionaries and translated the Old Testiament into Maori - twice. The first time his house burned down destroying the manuscript. So he did it again. He said it read much better the second time."

Patients report a wide range of improvement in: Migraines and headaches, Neck and shoulder tension, Whiplash, Post accident trauma, Sciatica, Arthritis, Low back pain, Pregnancy discomfort, Menstrual disorders, Tennis elbow.

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