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Supported StemTech Distributors

New Zealand:

Paul Maunsell,  working with brother Dr Rob after recovered from  a  skiing injury .
Graham Kelly,  Triple Diamond leader  and now one of  most successful Stem Tech distributers  we have in the  business
Dr Robert Maunsell, Masterton, family physician working with maintaining patients health through wellness maintenance
Helen Barr/ Whangarei
Richard Hyder , Lower Hutt, home DIY recovered  from Arthritis
Geoff Pitt Wellington Health professional
Christene Loweth/ Lower Hutt

Brian Casey Perth


Richard  Colbert, Kansas  City
Ron and Peggy  Armbrust, Arizona


Hillary Roach, Health Professional, Devon
Baz Freestone, Midlands

Kiki Kaltwasser, Nelson


Essential Health Maintaince Products 
D Fuze the emfs unhealthy radiation waves  emitted from Modems/cell phones

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Karen Baucke/ holistic career and  Personal development consultancy
Resilient health / stem  cell nutritional products

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