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I having  been a registered UK chiropractor member from 1999 to 2005 ( GCC No.403 ). I practised for over 7 years, working in Great Britain since 1997 in a number of clinics. My most popular clinic was at at Tetbury Hospital , now a registered charity Glos, GL8 8XBy Tel: 01666 502336 (UK)

I worked as an overseas registered member ( GCC No.403 ) practicing for over 7 years. I worked in Great Britain from 1997 to 2002. I Trained in the McTimoney Chiropractic College, Oxford (now in Abingdon, U.K). I established clinics in the Cotswold Leisure Centre/ Cirencester (UK) as well as The Old Convent, Stroud (UK).


 Waiting Room

On your first visit  I  will  asked you  about your general health, past and present. You will be asked about details of your current symptoms. An explanation will be made of the aims and effects of the treatment.
IN MANU VIS MEDENDI ( McTimoney logo means "In the hands is the power of healing") First introduced by John McTimoney, in the 70's, who found that by using very gentle adjustments, longer lasting relief was possible by relaxing the muscles.

McTimoney treatment gets to the source of many types of pain by removing blocks (impingements) in the nerve supply. This allows the body to function in a more natural, relaxed, pain-free way. Bones of the body can be moved out of place by various ways:
accidents, sports / lifting, childbirth ,falls , poor , posture.


Pauls Health Professional  Background

Paul was registered in the UK as a chiropractor member ( GCC No.403 ) between 1999-2005 having practised for over 7 years, working in Great Britain in a number of clinics and also at Tetbury Hospital , frequently visited by Prince Charles being the patron of Tetbury Hospital, Tetbury, Glos, GL8 8XB Tel: 01666 502336 (UK)


Trained in the McTimoney Chiropractic College, Oxford (now in Abingdon, U.K) I established clinics in the Cotswold Leisure Centre/Cirencester (UK) as well as The Old Convent, Stroud (UK).

I also trained in a post graduate course in ON SITE MASSAGE acupressure based therapy for stress relief used extensively in Companies / Businesses and is both a relaxing / stimulating 20 minute intense fully clothed / no oils / massage chair treatment .(go to acupressure page)

After qualification I trained at THE ACADEMY OF ON-SITE MASSAGE, Avon Road, Charfield, Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire, England . The Academy is proud to be accredited by the Guild of Complementary Practitioners, and is also affiliated to The Institute of Complementary Medicine, The Complementary Medical Association and The British Massage Therapy Council. In addition, the Academy invites graduates to join the On-Site Massage Association which provides newsletters, databases and the opportunity to network with other practitioners. THis 6 week course is unique as it only trains already well qualified registered health professionals who have been working in the Health Industry for a minimum of 3 years compared to other trainings which are just part of a massage course and may be as little as a few days only.

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McTimoney Treatment

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